14 Cliches AND 1 – 32,000 REASONS TO CONSIDER

By Denise Perchall

“If It’s Not Broke, Why Fix?” A popular cliche AND practiced by many. Unfortunately, it may not be the best judgement when it comes to your business or personal situations.

Can you think of instances of where this cliché may not be a good idea? I certainly can:

#1) Car Insurance. I was with the same insurance company for 12 years. Do you know when I switched, I was able to lower my deductible, increase my coverage, still be with an A rated carrier AND still save 48%?

#2) Home Owners Insurance. I was with the same insurance company for 16 years. Again, I lowered my deductible kept the same coverage, still have an A rated carrier AND still saved $800 p/yr.

#3) Cell Phone. I was with the same carrier for 17 years. With my new carrier I added 2 extra lines AND still saved $65 a month on services along with getting a new phone at a reasonable price and there was no contract.

#4) Changing Jobs. I resigned from a large PEO 2 months shy of my 18th year anniversary . . . who does that? It was scary, especially being a single mom of two. But I did it AND have had ZERO regrets! Better Opportunity, Better Benefits, Better Environment, Better PEO

#5) During my 20 year PEO career I gave one business owner 32,000 reasons to switch PEO’s, another business owner 29,000 reasons. These business owners gained “More ROI” and saved a ton of money! One was with another PEO for a number of years, the other was doing everything “inhouse”. They both were indifferent to change (as some businesses can be). Both felt quite differently after receiving their cost comparison and added value.

This just goes to say: “You Just Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know” All the money I could have had in my pocketbook/bank or all that money those business owners from #5 could have used towards their businesses over the years …. Regretfully if only we had a different a perspective of ” If it’s Not Broke, Why Fix” ‘Thinking’ sooner.

I hate to keep using clichés, but “When The Shoe Fits”… because the “Cost Of Doing Business” ‘mentality’ that a lot of individuals have, needs to be tweaked to the “Does the Cost of Doing Business have to cost that much!”. Subsequently changing a few things in my life, made life so much richer!

Since being in PEO Industry, I have given my clients anywhere from 1 to 32,000 reasons for considering the switch. All it took was a free PEO proposal/quote from me, Denise Perchall 239.980.1065. The highlight of my career was the $32,000 in savings … which I’m now looking to beat! I can honestly say even if it was just one reason, it was an important enough reason for the business owner to switch over to me and I’m so happy to have been a part of their decision process.

Here’s some reasons of why our clients chose AccessPoint*. How many reasons listed below would you like to apply to yourself/business?

“More ROI” it’s not just a cliché, it’s true
Benefit Administration & Remittance
Many benefits at no additional cost
EAP at no additional cost
401K at no additional cost
Employment Tax Remittance
Full Payroll Administration
W2 processing at no additional cost
Time and Attendance available at no additional cost
On-Line Employee On-Boarding – No more paper applications to have completed, checked & submit to payroll/PEO company
Stream Line Efficiencies
“Better Customer Service” – we’re not self-service, we are ‘people service’.
Human Resource Dept – Service & Support
Tailored Employee’s Handbook before 30 days
Risk & Safety Management
Safety Manual
No W/C audits
EPLI Insurance at no additional cost
EAP at no additional cost
ESAC Accreditation
IRS Certified
Less Liability
We house the I-9
Time Savings – “Time Is Money”
Cost Savings
“It’s A Win-Win” it’s not just a cliché, it’s true
A Written Guarantee of Satisfaction

“Better Safe Than Sorry” is a much better adage than “If It’s Not Broke, Why Fix”. Whether you do everything on your own, have a payroll company or use a PEO . . . Maybe it’s time to see what Denise Perchall 239.980.1065 can offer–just to ensure you’re getting as much as you should at the best possible cost.

Let’s find out how many reasons it will take to you to switch . . . “There Is No Time Like The Present” You can get a free, no obligation quote and a comparison from Denise Perchall and AccessPoint*. Contact her today at: 239.980.1065 or dperchall@apteam.com to find out what’s needed.

Let’s not forget …. “What Have You Got to Lose?” and “Just Do It!” and always #BuyFromDenisePerchall

This cliché blog was so much fun to do. “What’s Your Two Cents?” Please comment.

*ABOUT ACCESSPOINT HR: AccessPoint is a Michigan Based Full Service Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and a single source for World-Class HR, with their corporate headquarters located in Farmington Hills, MI. They have offices throughout Michigan, Chicago, Washington DC and Bonita Springs, FL. AccessPoint HR is an industry leader in outsourcing of: Human Resources Management, Full Payroll Administration, Workers Compensation Insurance, Benefits Management, and Workplace Safety. AccessPoint HR has helped businesses of all sizes skillfully navigate the modern work place, introducing efficiencies and safeguards to protect their clients while never forgetting the personal element that is fundamental to all business and employment relationships and never forgetting the importance of the bottom line. AccessPoint HR has earned the E.S.A.C. accreditation & is IRS Certified. To Learn More, visit: www.APTeam.com

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