EMPLOYER OF CHOICE “Employer of Choice” means primarily means your business is a great and desirable place to work. It also gives your business a huge advantage in attracting better candidates and retaining employees. When a business is hiring, the employer should want candidates choosing to work for them. They also want employees to choose [ Read more → ]

New homes at affordable prices available in growing North Port

A golden opportunity now awaits homebuyers looking to claim a piece of paradise. Brand new Express Homes from D.R. Horton Southwest Florida are available at affordable prices in a city that’s on the rise. Three different floor plans offer beauty and convenience, all with three bedrooms, two baths and a two-car garage. The 1,672-square-foot Aria, [ Read more → ]

Hire Right the First Time!

Hire Right the First Time! – by Doni Landefeld, Ph.D. Most of us are familiar with the saying “Measure twice cut once.” Although there is a little more effort involved in the planning part of “measuring,” the long-term gain can reap numerous benefits and savings. A similar outcome is comparable to hiring. With a little [ Read more → ]

Home Equity Loan Interest

In an Information Release, IRS has announced that in many cases, taxpayers can continue to deduct interest paid on home equity loans under the recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (PL 115-97, 12/22/2017). Background. Taxpayers may deduct interest on mortgage debt that is “acquisition debt.” Acquisition debt means debt that is: (1) secured by [ Read more → ]

How Will the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impact You?

How will the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act impact you or your business? Markham Norton Mosteller Wright & Co., PA. has highlighted a few areas that may be of interest to you as a business owner. Please visit our blog for details: https://www.markham-norton.com/2018/03/06/tax-cuts-jobs-act-2/

Your 40s and Finance: Enjoy Today – and Plan for Tomorrow

Generation X must stand for Generation Excellent – you’re working hard, raising a family and still managing to keep up with everyone’s busy schedule. While the present may look pretty good right now, this is an excellent time to look toward the future, especially where your family is concerned. Let’s break it down chronologically: Your [ Read more → ]

5 Steps to Stay on Track Toward Your Goals

When it comes to financial goals, success usually comes over time, not overnight. Your financial advisor uses an established process to help build and implement your personalized financial strategies by: •Creating specific financial goals based on what’s important to you •Assessing how comfortable you are with taking risk •Recommending tailored solutions, aligned with your comfort [ Read more → ]

It’s that time of year!

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time we all start thinking about decluttering, organizing and cleaning our home. This can be an overwhelming thought. Decluttering is 70% mental and 30% physical. Organizing is 50% mental and 50% physical Cleaning is 100% physical You should first declutter your home followed by cleaning and lastly [ Read more → ]

Above Board Chamber of Florida New Members Orientation

If you would like to receive our newsletter click here to sign up. Above Board Chamber was the Champion of the 2012 and 2013 Southwest FL Choice Award for Professional Organization from the Naples Daily News. Non-members are encouraged to attend two meetings, then we would like them to consider joining us and to be [ Read more → ]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hodges University’s Management Program

If you are looking for ways to progress in your career, your plans to pursue a management degree are well-founded. With so many management programs out there, how can you know which one is the right fit for your career aspirations? The truth is, it takes time to evaluate different degree programs, and it can [ Read more → ]