Satisfaction Guaranteed

How Many PEO’s have a Written Guarantee? Does Your PEO give Your Business a Guarantee in Writing? It’s a Big Deal.

Here’s AccessPoint’s Guarantee:

“Your company’s continued growth–and your personal satisfaction–is our primary concern. If, as an AccessPoint client, you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of our services–or if we fail to comply with any of our contractual obligations at the end of 120 days of continuous service from the effective date of our agreement–we will refund… 100% of our administration fees within 30 days of your written cancellation & request. We will also assist you in resuming all of your employer-related responsibilities.”

Proposals Are Free; Cost Comparisons Are Free; ESAC Certification; And a Written Guarantee . . . What are you waiting for?

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ABOUT ACCESSPOINT HR: AccessPoint is a Michigan Based Full Service Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and a single source for World-Class HR, with their corporate headquarters located in Farmington Hills, MI. They have offices throughout Michigan, Washington DC and Bonita Springs, FL. AccessPoint HR is an industry leader in outsourcing of: Human Resources Management, Full Payroll Administration, Workers Compensation Insurance, Benefits Management, and Workplace Safety. AccessPoint HR has helped businesses of all sizes skillfully navigate the modern work place, introducing efficiencies and safeguards to protect their clients while never forgetting the personal element that is fundamental to all business and employment relationships. AccessPoint HR has earned the E.S.A.C. accreditation. To Learn More, visit:

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