The Time is Now

Frustration, disappointment, and passion are just a few words that come to mind when I think of our world today. Deep-rooted and unresolved systematic racism is yet again sadly coming to light and raising ugly realities. Time after time, when this happens, we respond with quick, short-lived conversations and no meaningful change. We must not.

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel vision is being so focused on one item that nothing else seems to exist. Everything beyond fades out into darkness, and the only thing occupying your mind is what is visibly in front of you. I have experienced this while writing my book Heels to Holster.

Financial clarity

In these unprecedented times, Financial advisors are not sharing information you need to know. There are new accounts that are available to protect your retirement assets and there are also federal laws that are changing regarding retirement assets. Brokers are not telling you about some of these accounts because they cannot get paid in charge.

In The Process

Hello lovely, Welcome to this new season in your life! Can you feel the changes in the world around you and discern the seasons of your own life at this moment? Are you on a waiting period or are you in the flow of things? Is everything moving smoothly or are you feeling stuck?… Either.

We are Better Together!

We received a call from the Department of Children and Families. A mom they were working with was facing a crisis, she had recently become a single mom of 6 children. She lacked the community and resources to support her family. Our team immediately jumped into action and worked hard to identify several volunteer host.