Coach Rick Saggese of “Think Outside The Diamond” launches new website

Coach Rick Saggese, owner and founder of Think Outside The Diamond, has recently launched a new and updated website that will now cater not only to athletes but also adults looking to live a healthier life style.
According to Coach Saggese, he makes it his goal to help improve the performance of local athletes at his training facility in Naples. He recently expanded his scope of services and started a personal training sector of his business. He will continue to train local athletes as well as regular adult clients seeking a healthier life.
The adult training sessions are open to the public and fitness classes are held each Saturday morning at 10:30 at the Think Outside the Diamond facility located at 5567 Taylor Road, Suite 5 in Naples. Saggese says that he has tried to make the personal training class fun and different each week to ensure that the routines keep his students active and interested.
“The new website will cater to everyone wanting to get healthier, if it’s through strength training or nutritional consulting,” says Saggese. “Out of town, no problem, with this new site I can help each person through his or her training lab, which by the way, offers programs as well as video so we can keep track of our out of town clients.”
Think Outside The Diamond opened for business in 2012 and is considered a premier sports performance training facility. Saggese trains athletes from all sports and specializes in baseball and softball. His training practices consist of sport specific acceleration, power and plyometric training.
The new website still caters to athletes in all sports in strength, agility, speed, flexibility or baseball and softball skill set instruction.
All those wanting to improve athletic performance or personal health and fitness goals are encouraged to visit for more information.
ABOUT Rick Saggese: After a historically successful high school career Rick went on to be an All-American at the University of Miami. After multiple knee injuries, a professional career wasn’t in the cards for Saggese. Once his playing days were over, he decided to turn his passion for baseball into a coaching career. He decided to open his own facility and make training athletes his full time job. Rick takes pride in providing every athlete with their own individual and unique training experience.
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