2015 New Year New You Nutrition Challenge


01/12/2015 - 02/16/2015    
8:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Are you ready to feel and look your best in the New Year? Are you ready to have more energy throughout the day? Are you ready to get off the diet roller coaster and finally reach your ideal body weight…and keep it off? 

We have an amazing program for all of you who have a goal of Feeling Your Best and having an Awesome, Hot, Rock Star Body in 2015! This Nutrition Challenge has 6 Monday evening group phone calls at 8pm Eastern starting January 12th through February 16th.  Calls will be recorded and emailed to all participants. Register NOW through January 11th!

And there is a BONUS for you go-getters! The program officially begins January 12th however we have a BONUS WEEK we will be sharing with you to get you moving forward (since I know you want to get on track with your health and weight goals asap). W have a private Facebook to connect with everyone in the group and daily motivation. We also have a private group webinar/conference call on Monday night Jan 5th with Dr. OZ, Celebrity Fitness Trainer Kathy Kaehler and Dr. Brian Dixon Executive Director of Health & Science Education if you register by Jan 5th. Register at the bottom of the page or call 239-898-4078 for more information and to register today!

Welcome To A Step-By-Step Method to LOOK GREAT, FEEL GOOD and HAVE MORE ENERGY!

You will learn the exact steps to reaching your ideal weight, cutting carb and sugar cravings, and choosing the healthiest, best tasting foods and recipes that fill you up and make you look and feel great.

Even if you don’t have much weight to lose, The New You Lifestyle™ Nutrition Challenge will teach you lifelong healthy habits, and help you detox your body in an easy, healthy way to keep you feeling and looking your best.

For complete details and registration link visit http://www.thenewyoulifestyle.com/2015-nutrition-challenge/