Keith Grossman to Speak on Conflict Management in the Workplace at Rotary Club of Cape Coral Goldcoast


11:45 am - 1:00 pm


the Gulf Coast Village
1333 Santa Barbara Blvd, Cape Coral, Florida
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Attorney, mediator, facilitator and trainer Keith Grossman, founder and managing partner of Grossman Law & Conflict Management, will speak on “Conflict Management in the Workplace” at the Rotary Club of Cape Coral Goldcoast at 11:45 a.m. on July 25 at the Gulf Coast Village, Cape Coral.

The presentation will help business owners, managers and employees understand and develop skills to effectively prevent conflict and de-escalate existing conflict. They will learn to engage conflict with purpose and goals rather than reacting, to apply mediation skills to achieve cooperation and to build collaborative relationships.

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The concepts Grossman will introduce at the meeting are available for further study in his recently published e-book titled “What is a Peace Chest?” the first in a series of workbooks providing real-world conflict management theory and application, now available for the Amazon Kindle.

Grossman is an engaging speaker who accepts bookings locally, statewide and nationally to talk to corporations, non-profit organizations and professional associations on topics such as conflict management in the workplace. He offers strategies for identifying problematic situations and managing conflict when it arises. In addition to offering ways to improve conflict management, Grossman also illustrates how managing conflict could result in constructive outcomes for employees and the business as a whole.

Many people prepare for conflict by saving up money and resources to do battle. At the center of Grossman’s philosophy is the concept of a “Peace Chest” as an alternative to a “War Chest.”

“Developing a peace chest is a decision to focus on teamwork, problem solving, and interest-based negotiation rather than threats or power,” Grossman explained. “A strong peace chest promotes harmony, encourages self-empowerment and provides for healing.”

In addition to conflict management training, Grossman and his associate attorneys litigate divorce and family law cases. The team aims first to apply strategies to help manage conflict cooperatively and maintain relationships. After many years of litigation, Grossman observed that an adversarial model has increasingly generated higher conflict and unnecessary expense. His signature “How to Build Your Peace Chest” lectures grew out of a conviction that all parties are better served by committing to solutions. Grossman believes the emphasis should be on saving up one’s riches to prepare to make peace instead of war.

For information about booking Keith Grossman to speak at your conference, leadership development meeting, retreat or classroom, or to schedule a consultation, call (239) 210-7516 or toll-free (877) 687-1392.

Attorney Keith Grossman of Grossman Law & Conflict Management has over 20 years of experience in and out of the courtroom and focuses his practice on family law, conflict management, and workplace conflict. Grossman is a Family Mediator and Civil Mediator certified by the Florida Supreme Court, a Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator a former Family Law Case Manager for Court Administration, and Past President of the Lee County Bar Association. He also helped to establish and supervise the Lee County Family Case Management Program, a program designed to help families navigate the court system and reduce the conflict typically associated with the divorce process. In the area of employment law and mediation, Grossman’s services include human resources consulting, skills training workshops, facilitation for consensus building, and conflict management design and preventative practices.  Grossman Law & Conflict Management is located at 7270 College Parkway, Suite 1, in Fort Myers. For more information about family law, employment law, and conflict management services, call (239) 210-7516 or 877-687-1392, or visit;; or