Webinar: Looking Past the Storm and Finding the New and Stronger YOU!

Webinar: Looking Past the Storm and Finding the New and Stronger YOU!


11:45 am - 1:00 pm

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Dear members and friends,

In the last month, our community has been hit hard by Hurricane Ian. Unfortunately, many beautiful lives have been lost in this storm that cannot be replaced and will be missed.  But we are not alone in this new journey; many people are going through the same things one way or another. But the good news is that we live in the best place where family, friends, strangers, and an outstanding community jump in to help.

One thing I discovered was that emotionally we have all been hit hard. It does not matter if you have no damage to your personal items; everyone has been hurt. I know people who personally did well and have no damage; they are still traumatized like the rest of us. Take the time to listen to everyone’s story. Let them have a voice; that is how we can all heal together.

With that being said, we contacted some of Southwest Florida’s top mental health experts. We invited them to be on a Zoom panel on Monday, November 14th, from 11:45 to 1:00. The purpose of this panel is, so we can learn not only to help ourselves but to find out how to help our families, employees, neighbors, and friends and find out how to make sure they are okay too. We will also learn what tools and programs are available to help; many are free! Plus, everyone who signs up will be sent a copy of this program to watch at the time that works best for them.

We cannot get the best results from ourselves, our families, and our employees if we are hurting! Kindness to all is needed at this time. We hope you can join us in the comfort of your office or home so we can all learn “How looking past the storm, we can all find a new and stronger us and our community! For more information, please visit our website at www.aboveboardchamber.com or call me, Jeanne, if we can help you.

God Bless,

Jeanne Sweeney, Founder/CEO Above Board Chamber of Florida

Thank you to our sponsors:

  • Connie Ramos Williams, CMO at CONRIC pr & marketing, 
  • Vicki Tracy, COO at Gulf Coast International Properties

Meet our Emcee:

Vicki Tracy, Chief Operating Officer at Gulf Coast International Properties. Vicki has multiple degrees from Central Michigan and the University of Michigan. Having raised millions of dollars for “her town,” she is often called upon when a “get it done” person and cheerleader or a chairperson for an event is called for. Vicki’s name is always at the top of the list when a leader is needed. When calls come for a senior in need of care cheerleader, she goes into overdrive as her passion for Senior remains her priority. She is the daughter of Darlene Thomas, a single mother of 5 children, and married to her devoted husband, Steve. You can always find Vicki at the helm or in a leadership role in the community, making a difference in someone’s life, be it one of the younger residents or our older one! Vicki serves as Executive Counsel of the Above Board Chamber of Florida. 

Thank you to Javier Fuller, Vice President of Website Development at CONRIC pr + marketing, for helping to operate our Zoom program.

Meet our Panelists:

Scott Burgess is the Chief Executive Officer at David Lawrence Centers for Behavioral Health. Scott Burgess joined DLC in January 2014. As CEO, he is responsible for the overall management of DLC’s operations and development. He provides administrative, clinical, and strategic direction to the Executive Management Team and provides leadership and support for DLC’s 350 professional staff. Burgess came to DLC after a 21+ year career with the Alexian Brothers Health System, a large multi-hospital healthcare network in Illinois. He is a proven clinician with experience assisting children, adolescents, and adults and is a recognized industry leader with deep knowledge of community behavioral health and integrated healthcare systems and solutions. He has been a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCPC) for nearly 30 years.

Dawn Belamarich is an experienced leader and advocate within the BH industry, and she is currently the System Director for Behavioral Health at LPG, Lee Health. Dawn possesses dual master’s degrees and is currently completing her Doctorate in Business Administration and Leadership at Walden University. For over a decade, Dawn has been an influential leader within the field, serving in leadership roles at for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Dawn is an LMHC and MCAP, with certifications in gambling addiction and trauma work.

Beth Hatch is the Chief Executive Officer at Nami Collier. Beth has extensive knowledge in Mental Health Advocacy, Community Mental Health, Early Intervention, Family Services, and Support Groups NAMI membership is comprised of people with serious and persistent mental illnesses, as well as their parents, children, spouses, siblings, and friends. The original founders of NAMI were primarily family members of people with chronic mental illness. These individuals met the goal of building a movement to refocus inadequate research and services available to people with mental illness. NAMI of Collier County’s mission is to improve the quality of life of 1 in 4 families affected by serious and persistent mental illness through education, support, and advocacy.

Special thank you to Connie Ramos William and her staff at CONRIC pr & marketing for doing our press releases and updating our website so you, our members, and friends can join us at our upcoming monthly meetings/webinars each month.

Cost: $20 per person.

RSVP: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_2k9XeiANS8i8RVe3GTCgFw