Are Top performers born or made?

This article was submitted by Above Board Chamber Member Jim Wallert from Team-Right Business Solutions

Are Top performers born or made?

That is a trick question, it involves both and more. How many organizations and sports teams recruit for “talent” alone? They acquire the most talented person they can find and afford assuming the potential of that person will bring them success. Unfortunately, talented people may have the potential to succeed but cannot produce results in in every environment. Successful organizations are created by people who accomplish outstanding results.

Most organizations have a few high-performing people in every area who consistently produce exceptional results and groups of others who product good or lower results.

What if the organization could create a job performance model based on the top performers and then hire and train based on the attributes of these exceptional employees. Consider what the results would be by raising the performance results of the total workforce. This would also help create an environment and culture based on continuous growth and development.

You must look at top performers; cognitive skills, personality and behavioral traits, emotional intelligence and experience to create a model for success. Increases in productivity from existing employees will go directly to your bottom line.

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This article was submitted by a Guest Author of the Above Board Chamber.