Master Your Networking Skills

by Barry Nicholls of Paradise Jewelry


What is a networking opportunity?

Any human interaction. Cashier, mailman, UPS delivery person, etc. Don’t wait for a structured opportunity. MAKE your opportunities.


How do you choose which networking event to attend?

Check your demographics. What slice of the population are you looking for, and which events will they be attending? As you attend different events you can keep track of where you are most successful.


What is the best “elevator” speech?

A one minute speech that focuses on benefits more than features. Try to have an interesting catch phrase. Should include your name, what you do, and where you do it.


What is your best networking practice?

Be interested in people. Everyone thinks the best conversationalist is the person who just listens.


Ask what is a good referral for them. Take notes.


Get your picture on your business card. You want people to remember who you are tomorrow.


Learn to remember people’s names. (There are books you can buy.)


Barry Nicholls is owner of Paradise Jewelry in Bed Bath and Beyond Plaza. He also teaches seminars at his store on Networking, Marketing, Sales 101, Sales 102, and Fishing. E-mail him if you’d like to be put on the notification list for the seminars.