What YOU Missed Naples 10/8/12

Here are a few notes from our panelist at the Naples meeting on “The Art of Time Management”.


Paul F. Sabatier-Smith, Personal & Team Development Coach, Catalyst for Change: 

The October Naples Above Board Chamber event was an excellent opportunity to meet others and learn about Time Management. “Time Management” is sort of an oxymoron, since we actually do not manage time since it is a fixed quantity of 24 hours a day. What we do manage are our goals, priorities and ourselves in making choices. An approach that might assist us would be for a week to:

  1. Without making any changes to our schedules or activities, log or journal every activity of the day, time taken and result(s) achieved.
  2. At the end of the week, review and analyze each item to determine those which were most effective and those that were least effective.
  3. Then start to set activities which result in the greatest payoff and stop doing those that yield nothing. Doing this over a month’s time will create a new and efficient habit.

In addition, there are several tools available for electronic devices (PCs, Tablets, Smart Phones) which allow scheduling, each has its benefits. Review several and choose the one that works best for you. Please contact me if you have additional questions PaulSS@calledtoaction.com www.calledtoaction.com


Marla Ottenstein, Owner, Professional Organizer Florida:

Professional organizer and Naples Daily News’ “Get Organized” columnist Marla Ottenstein is renowned as Southwest Florida’s leading authority on how to get, and stay, organized. Her professional services include home and office organizing; time management, light home staging, household moves and downsizing; estate liquidation and @home personal packing services. In addition to working with clients and writing her bi-monthly column, she also teaches at Florida Gulf Coast University’s Renaissance Academy and is a popular motivational speaker.

As someone who, in her own words, can do five things at once, but also has the ability to focus on one project or on one person at a time, she holds fast to her #1 rule – write it down – and writes a “to do” list every single day. She suggests that no matter how connected you are to your Smartphone, iPad or computer, there’s nothing like a hand-written list to help manage your time.

Web site: www.ProfessionalOrganizerFlorida.com

Like her on Facebook: www.Facebook.com/ProfessionalOrganizerFlorida


Sue Huff, Owner, E. Sue Huff & Associates, Inc: 

Today’s busy world seems to put more and more on us each day. Between emails, tweets, social media sites, business calls, personal calls, meetings and lunch…. there doesn’t seem to be enough time left over to relax, unwind and enjoy the day. You may ask yourself if this is how everyone lives or if it’s just you. The answer is a little of both. The trend does seem to show that lives are busier but we also know that we all have the same amount of time in the day, it’s just how we choose to spend it. I say, spend wisely.

The attached document is a recent handout prepared for the Above Board Chamber luncheon in Naples. I suggest you look at it, take an inventory of your time habits and make changes for improvement. Life is not a race!

Click to download: time mgt tips Oct 2012




This article was submitted by a Guest Author of the Above Board Chamber.