BRAND NEW “Never Diet Again!” LIVE


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Vineyards Country Club
Vineyards Country Club,Naples, Florida, Naples, Florida

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  • What if you could eat more and STILL lose weight?
  • What if you could get to your GOAL WEIGHT in just 6 to 8 weeks?
  • What if you had someone who’s been there, lost 30 pounds fast, is a physician and can show you the way?
  • What if you could learn simple mind tricks to get you on the road to losing weight and gaining better health starting right now… today?


Attend my BRAND NEW “Never Diet Again!” LIVE, In-Person event at The Vineyards Country Club I Beautiful Naples, Florida, January 14, 2017.
Registration is FREE for the first 50 people (seat deposit required)
Regular Price: $497 at the door
You don’t have to wait to start losing weight. By
that date you can already be the New You in
the New Year!!

It’s easier than you think; it starts in the mind… by shifting your mindset and dumping bad habits that hold you back. It’s really 7 simple steps:

Step 1: Clarity on WHY you want to lose weight
Step 2: Gaining Leverage over Your Environment
Step 3: Stepping into your Power Personality
Step 4: Getting the Essentials Down in Your Program
Step 5: Changing Your Rituals to those that are WAY More Healthy
Step 6: Sustaining Your New Mindset and Lifestyle Choices to Stay at Your Goal Weight
Step 7: Vowing to Continue Making the Investment in Yourself and Your Health
That’s just part of what you’ll learn January 14, 2017 at my LIVE event!!
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