Drug Free Collier Names Joseph Pergolizzi, M.D. Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors

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Drug Free Collier Names Joseph Pergolizzi, M.D. Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors

NAPLES, FLORIDA | August 23, 2022 – Drug Free Collier is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi as Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Joseph Pergolizzi, M.D., is an internationally renowned perioperative and pain specialist. He is currently the Chief Research and Development Officer for Enalare Therapeutics Inc. and a Senior Partner with the Naples Anesthesia and Pain Associates.

Since 2019, Pergolizzi has served on the Drug Free Collier Board of Directors, a highly energized group of community leaders driven to advance the organization’s mission of delivering impactful community services within Collier County. Board leadership is responsible for financial oversight and policy decisions that guide and sustain the organization.

Drug Free Collier’s mission is to unite the community to protect the children of Collier County from substance abuse. Founded in 2005, the non-profit partners with many other civic organizations, law enforcement agencies and treatment specialists and provides resources including education initiatives and awareness programs.

In his role as Executive Chairman, Dr. Pergolizzi has plans for extensive vertical and horizontal growth for Drug Free Collier. Horizontally, he wants to expand the mission from educational reach with youth to further development of the CORE program. CORE is a teen leadership group that works to change the social norms associated with alcohol and drug use. Pergolizzi hopes to update the existing CORE program content and grow Drug Free Collier’s membership team to include more participants, along with reworking the existing tools to include more age groups among the youth of our community.

Vertically, Pergolizzi plans to engage more with parents in our community to hear how best to advise and serve their children in tackling the youth drug and alcohol issues they are confronted with. He aims to reengage existing donors and expand the philanthropic efforts of Drug Free Collier, as well as provide an educational platform to enhance understanding and knowledge around the growing drug crisis.

Dr. Pergolizzi states, “I am incredibly proud to be a part of this meaningful organization and encourage other members of the community to become involved. The various community service programs that Drug Free Collier has performed to date under the leadership of Rey Pezeshkan (Chair), Guy Blanchette (CEO), and the rest of the leadership team provide me with the foundation for optimal horizontal and vertical expansion of our mission and services.”

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