Emmanuel Academies is Calling those who feel Called to apply for a scholarship

According to recent reports, there are several reasons adults are going back to college. From gaining skills and business knowledge to increase earning potential to pursuing a personal calling such ministry like so many are doing through Emmanuel Academies.
For those adult students, Emmanuel Academies is now Calling for those who feel Called into ministry of their Christian Church to apply for one of their Master of Divinity degree scholarships.
Since Emmanuel Academies’ mission is to equip pastors for Christian service within all denominational communities, the non-profit organization helps adult learners navigate their learning opportunities for theological and spiritual leadership development. Master of Divinity programs for adult learners are the focus for Emmanuel Academies, and all educational programs include faith specific academic mentors and professors. Studies are customized for all Christian faiths from accredited academic partner Sioux Falls Seminary through their Kairos platform.
Emmanuel Academies is dedicated to helping each student receive a Master’s Degree for a fraction of the normal cost or at no cost at all through their scholarship program. Generous angel donors make the program possible, according to Howard Isaacson, CEO of Emmanuel Communities, Inc. and Emmanuel Academies, Inc.
“We offer a unique opportunity for adult learners to pursue their call and serve others through our Master of Divinity degree, with its innovative online platform, through our seminary of affiliation, Sioux Falls Seminary, accredited by the prestigious Association of Theological Schools. This is a marvelous opportunity to receive a degree while continuing to live their lives without uprooting themselves and their families, “added Isaacson.”
Resident Pastor Beatrice D’Angelo, Operations Coordinator, Emmanuel Academies knows firsthand about the scholarship opportunity as she is presently enrolled in the program.
“Through Emmanuel Academies I have found true freedom from trusting God’s plan for me to open doors for a Master of Divinity degree that is affordable and attainable through its online platform,” said D’Angelo. “I will soon be a Lutheran Pastor and I would have never been able to experience that if I had not been led into my new calling of pastoral leadership offered through Emmanuel Academies and its generous donors.”
About Emmanuel Academies SCHOLARSHIPS:
• Full and Partial Scholarships still available for January 2022.
• Emmanuel Academies offers Master of Divinity degrees for adult learners accredited by the prestigious Association of Theological Schools, at a fraction of the cost or no cost at all.
• Emmanuel Academies partners Angel Donors with students seeking a degree in Pastoral Leadership.
• Emmanuel Academies has a partnership with Sioux Falls Seminary to significantly cut the cost for students and offer state-of-the-art online platforms to study from home, without relocation.
• Emmanuel Academies serves more than 45 Christian denominations to raise Christian leaders for the world.
Scholarship applications are available on the Emmanuel Academies website www.EmmanuelEd.org/admissions or by calling or emailing Beatrice (BB) D’Angelo, Operations Coordinator, at Info@EmmanuelEd.org or call 508-6CALLED (508-622-5533).

This article was submitted by a Guest Author of the Above Board Chamber.