VaxTruths Seeks Community Partners to Advance Health Equity Among Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups

VaxTruths seeks community partners to advance health equity among racial and ethnic minority groups to promote COVID-19 vaccine education in order to reduce disparities and access among African Americans, Haitians and Hispanics in Southwest Florida.
VaxTruths is a community-based effort to encourage and share truthful science-based information about vaccines from trusted voices and institutions, and is a community wellness ministry of Emmanuel Communities, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Naples, FL.
The team of community leaders recognizes the significance of informed personal choice in receiving a vaccine. They recognize that informed choices require timely and scientifically accurate information as science-based understandings shift as variables change, new information is identified, and further analyses are performed.
VaxTruths also understands that health inequities result from circumstances stemming from socioeconomic status, living conditions, and other modifiable social, geographical, and environmental determinants. Community service partners are vital to the organization because of their unique relationship and trust within the communities they serve. Partners understand the unique needs of their respective audience and how to best connect with those they serve.
“As VaxTruths approaches its second year advocating COVID-19 education from trusted voices, we continue to grow relationships with community partners to develop and deploy initiatives to overcome racial and ethnic disparities in vaccine information and uptake,” says Howard Isaacson, CEO, VaxTruths Project of Emmanuel Communities. “We have developed multiple outreach tools and streams to meet people where they are, from Zoom webinars to Facebook live to chambers of commerce events, presentations, community events, and more. We are excited to work with partners to extend their offerings to the community while improving health and wellness.”

The innovative community outreach platforms allow people to participate in multiple counties in Southwest Florida. As the work continues to face health inequities in the racial and ethnic minority groups, VaxTruths challenges the community to join the efforts to encourage people to ‘LEARN, DECIDE and ACT.’
The VaxTruths Project is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Foundation through its Partnering for Vaccine Equity Program. Emmanuel Communities is part of a national network of community service organizations to help reduce racial and ethnic disparities in adult immunization for COVID-19 and flu.
For more information, contact VaxTruths CEO Howard Isaacson at 239-206-3082 or email