I find “Human Capital” is such an outdated and demeaning term

Businesses have always wanted to know if you had the right experience, education and technical competencies they specified as needed to do a “job” they wanted done for a purpose they stated as necessary.


How many “robots” do you run across everyday trained and enabled only to perform the minimum rote processes owners and managers deem necessary to produce income for the lowest possible cost?


When going into a new company, I am usually approached by a few employees who tell me how many years of experience they have doing a job for the company. I generally find that they have one year of experience repeated by how many years that they have been there, and they are still conducting themselves the same way they were taught by who knows who trained them their first year.


Consumers want interactions with those who can think and act in their best interests without quoting policy.


Human capital has significantly more value than experience, education and “technical” competencies. The problem is that businesses think of human capital as an extension of a production line that ought to be optimized for profit.


Human capital is not something you optimize like a machine rather it is something you enable so that more value can be created than any production line ever could. Value creation doesn’t come from what you know; it comes from how you think. How you think is intangible but the quality of what you do and the value of what you create is affected more by how you think today than by what you knew or did yesterday.


Find people that know how to think and they’ll show you how to create more value than what you thought they could by doing a job you thought they should.


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This article was submitted by a Guest Author of the Above Board Chamber.