Lee County Bar Association launches lively new Web presence

The Lee County Bar Association has unveiled a new website brimming with enhanced benefits for members of the organzation, as well as for the general public and community. The LCBA partnered with CONRIC PR & Marketing | Publishing to build a new site that promotes the organization’s focus on professionalism while providing functionality and features to help individuals in the community find an attorney and legal representation they need.

Visitors to leebar.org can now search for attorneys based on a wide variety of criteria, including name, firm name, practice area, city and zip code. Members can easily update their information and photo at any time and enjoy additional online exposure for their business. In addition, members of the public can take advantage of the streamlined Lawyer Referral Service, a non-profit program pairing up attorneys with those in need of their services.

A robust and user-friendly Calendar of Events affords members the opportunity to RSVP and pay for events conveniently online. In addition, potential business sponsors can easily identify the events where the marketing exposure will provide the greatest value and reserve their spot. Advertising opportunities on the website, in a new eNewsletter and in the award-winning LCBA magazine Res Gestae—all produced by CONRIC— are also available for review and purchase at the site. Since the LCBA is a nonprofit organization, the money raised through advertising helps to support public services as well as membership benefits and activities.

General information about the LCBA, its benefits and programs are online at leebar.org, along with useful links, reference materials, a Job Bank, photo gallery, staff directory, news, committee and practice section information and a host of other features.

CONRIC CEO Connie Ramos-Williams was tasked with developing the new Web strategy for the LCBA, a long-time client. Although the plan had been in place for a couple of years, the time was right under the LCBA’s current Executive Council, including President John Agnew, to make this important investment in the venerable organization’s future. CONRIC Digital Strategist Michelle Hudson worked closely with the LCBA to bring the vision to reality.

Ramos-Williams said, “The LCBA’s site can now be a go-to for anyone in the community looking for an attorney, and for attorneys looking to enhance their business, gain access to continuing education opportunities and take advantage of all the important benefits of their membership.”

Agnew said, “With the new website, the LCBA was able to check off every item on our wish list. The clean design imparts an image that matches this organization’s commitment to professionalism. The functionality helps all members take better advantage of their many benefits. Finally, the website—and particularly its member directory—serves as a bridge between the community and the legal services its citizens need. We consider it an important investment in the future.”

About the Lee County Bar Association

The Lee County Bar Association, a 501(c)6 not-for-profit organization, has served the citizens and legal community of Lee County since 1949 and has a current membership of nearly 800. The purpose of the organization is to further the education of its members, create meaningful interaction among its members and inform the community on important legal matters.

The LCBA supports the citizens of Lee County by providing free legal clinics on important topics of local interest; promoting the Rule of Law with student programs such as its annual Mock Trial competitions, and School Speakers for Constitution Week; and providing a Lawyer Referral Service to connect the public with qualified attorneys. For more information, call (239) 334-0047 or visit www.leebar.org.

This article was submitted by a Guest Author of the Above Board Chamber.