Mother and Daughter relaunch virtual solutions business to fill need

Where there is a need, there is a solution and a business opportunity, says Rose Young, founder of TOP Virtual Solutions & Services. Young, who is contracted employee of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, established her business in 2018 as a result of watching women leaving jail but having no means of employment or a plan to get back on their feet.
Her idea was to create and provide a virtual telephone answering service that offered these women flexibility to work from her business office or their home. According to Young, all was going well with but the phone system and platform for the services still needed some tweaking when Covid hit. Young took a step back to reevaluate her business and for the past eight months the business has been in limbo until now.
“After my daughter lost her job as a Human Resources Specialist due to the pandemic, and a dear friend who was working as a customer service professional lost her job after a decade of employment, I knew I needed to relaunch the business to help them gain employment,” said Young. “My desire is to create workplace opportunities as a family-owned and operated business with my daughter.”
TOP Virtual Solutions & Services is now having a rebirth and relaunch out of necessity with Qua Young, daughter of Rose Young, at the helm with her mothers’ help. The minority/female owned business is gearing up to make a difference, not only for women, but for the businesses they serve.
The business model and goal of TOP Virtual Solutions & Services is to offer services and solutions for business owners to ensure they never miss calls from their clients or potential clients. “Whether a sales or service call, according to research and news sources, 80% of callers who reach voicemail hang up,” adds Young.
Young, both mother and daughter, want to offer a professional telephone answering service than can potentially increase a company’s success and gain positive results in customer retention.
“Our mission is to provide our clients with superior custom answering service that exceeds their expectations while believing that every call matters,” adds Rose Young. “And, as an advocate for women’s empowerment, and for those women experiencing life transitioning barriers, I would like to provide employment to help them gain business experience and confidence in themselves.”
TOP Virtual Solutions & Services, LLC is being presented with the tagline of “Your Answering Service Solutions Marketplace” and the Young’s vision for the company in their relaunch is to be the leading model of telephone answering services and virtual solutions where passion and purpose come together.
Rose Young has been a life coach since 2016 and has been advocating for youth empowerment in the community for many years. Her passion and dedication are known in the community as she is an author, a women’s recovery coach and a youth advocate. Young wants to inspire people to discover their personal power and live their best life.
TOP Virtual Solutions & Services can accommodate any kind or size of business from real estate and attorneys to home repairs, medical, and more. Services and plans begin as low as $39.95 per month as the Young team want to make their plans affordable and manageable for their clients and local businesses.
To contact about TOP Virtual Solutions & Services, call 239-241-6900 or email For more information, visit
This article was submitted by a Guest Author of the Above Board Chamber.