Customer Service . . . Is It Really Ineffective ? ? ?

Yesterday I had a bunch of “windshield time” … alone to focus on my thoughts (oh boy) and my conversations during the day and at lunch. I got to thinking about Customer Service and thought to myself: “Self, I need to look up some some more Service Quotes for social media posts.” While going through the quotes, I reflected how my experiences that stood out and held true to the words I read and I thought I’d share:

“People Before Profit” – Bonobo’s Ninja Customer Service Motto

One time, I was speaking to a prospect referred to me. This particular prospect had only four employees (our magic number is 5+). I gathered the information about their business, information needed for a proposal, their work they anticipated, their background, etc. I took the liberty of working up two proposals. One with 4 employees and one with 5 along with the applicable discounts I would be able to provide. At my appointment I let them know that my PEO wouldn’t be able to take on any company with less than 5; then I went on to show them the differences in pricing with just one more employee and the benefits that could be extended to their employees at no additional cost to them. I left that meeting feeling confident that this company would soon be a client.

Now, I did receive ‘flack’ regarding this prospect from my management team at that time (PEO no longer in business), because it did not fall “within the company guidelines and I was using my time very ineffectively”; but this prospect came on board, ran their first payroll with 7 employees all within 30 days of my presentation….all because I took the time to put the people and their business before the profit.

“If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.” – Author unknown

One day while on the road, I received a call with horrible reception. I barely was able to make out the gentleman’s name and asked if I could call him back when I reach my office and if a phone call after 5 pm would be okay. He quickly agreed and we hung up.

At 6pm I gave him a call back. He explained that he just signed with our competitor and was already having issues. He also added that he just received my letter in the mail and wanted to know if I was able to offer him a solution. I listened to the issue. I asked questions. During our conversation I found that he was not going to be a candidate for my PEO. At this point I had two options: Tell him that I was very sorry, but I wouldn’t be able to assist and commence with my evening OR Continue speaking to him, offer explanations, and offer a couple of suggestions that may help.

I chose the latter (and will every time), I continued speaking to him. I let him know that I couldn’t bring him over to my PEO because of our 5+ employees policy, but I gave him two suggestions to bring back to his salesperson in order to solve this “catch 22” dilemma. At the end of our conversation, he asked if he could call me back the next day if he had further questions (I said “Absolutely”) and he thanked me for my time.

Because I took the time with him, I tried to assist in resolving his frustration … this person will be back when he has five employees or he will certainly remember me when in any referral situation.

“When you serve the Customer better, there’s always a Return on your Investment.” – Author Kara Parlin

Not every prospect buys from you in the beginning of the sales process. There was a time when I received a call from a prospect wanting an appointment with me. When I arrived, the owner actually pulled out a proposal that I had presented 3 1/2 years prior! Can you imagine the impression made to keep a proposal for so long? Get more ROI when you #BuyFromDenisePerchall.

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