He sent us home…He sent the whole world home!

He sent us home… He sent the whole world home!
I believe we, not a nation, but the world broke His heart. He wanted us to go back home to find our faiths and our families, to reconnect. He loved us so much that He sent us home. In the last few years, I watch as our behaviors changed, and our attitudes changed. I watched as we lost our empathy for others fade away. I watch as leaders all around the world behaved in ways that shocked me, and it became okay. I watch as people took sides and said terrible things to one another over political views, and it became the norm. It was like the hate and prejudice in the world form a cell, and the cell slowly began to not only take us down but bring us and the world together. It forces us to work together to come up with a solution. It was like it was showing us we are the same from the same God who loves us all. It is time to be kind to one another and to make the time to talk, listen, and love one another. He sent the whole world home to our faiths and families because we have been gone for a long time!
Jeanne Sweeney, Above Board Chamber of Florida
www.aboveboardchamber.com March 2020

This article was submitted by a Guest Author of the Above Board Chamber.