Think you’re not funny? Think again.

Think you’re not funny? Think again. You can teach yourself to be funny and life will be so much more fun


My sister is a great example of someone who always finds something to laugh about. She was having a rough day. Nothing was going her way. Frustrated, she decided to stop at a coffee shop and take a break. There was a long line, which just added to her frustration. She got to the counter with my 87-year-old mother beside her. “Give me two scotch and sodas on the rocks!” she demanded. She has that funny sense of humor and is not afraid to do silly things at the drop of a hat. The look on the kid’s face behind the counter was priceless. Soon the rest of the people in the shop were laughing.

When your day isn’t going as planned, laughing is an opportunity to look at things from a new perspective. The power of humor, being joyful, is a choice we make. Take a break. I promise you’ll find something to smile about. This is what happened when I tried to relax…

With my office in my home, it’s very hard to ‘get away from it all’. There is always one more task that needs to be done. One day, in an attempt to take better care of myself, I decided to have a mini spa day and treat myself to a quiet, soothing facial. In my silk robe, I lit a scented candle, dimmed the lights, whipped up some egg whites and mixed them with honey. I lavished on the concoction. Ooooh! It felt so good. I placed my frozen silk eye bean bag on my eyes and stretched back on the recliner. My new goose down quilt covered my body like a warm embrace. I proceeded to have a relaxing morning… until the phone rang.

I jumped out of the chair and raced to get the phone. I tried to pull the eye bag off as I ran, but the honey mixture glued it to my face. Afraid to pull my skin off, I left it in place and just Helen-Kellered my way to the phone. All that came out was “mmmmmmm.” My mouth was honey-glued shut. I hung up and ran to the kitchen to run warm water over my face in an attempt to loosen the mixture. Running out of the office, I tripped over my briefcase and fell hard onto the carpet. My left cheek was now a bit rosier than my right one, but it matched the bruise on my arm so nicely. The warm, salty liquid of my tears helped to loosen the edges of my eye mask. The phone rang again. My priority now was to get this sticky mess off my face. Finally, free from my face-mask prison, I went to the phone to see who my mystery caller was. Would you believe? It was a cosmetic lady offering me a free facial. I just absolutely cracked up.
This article was submitted by a Guest Author of the Above Board Chamber.