Here’s a question for INSURANCE AGENTS and AGENCIES: Do you feel threatened by a PEO representative? I have been told: This is true.

I’m here to tell you: I’m no threat; I’m an asset; and we should work together. “WHAT ???? WHY IN THE WORLD SHOULD WE WORK TOGETHER ?”

BECAUSE, Client Longevity; Additional Client Service; More Referrals; Larger Residuals; More Cost Effective to your Insured; More Cost Effective to your Bottom Line are important factors to the both of us.

INSURANCE AGENTS Your Main Concerns: Business & Personal/Individual Polices; Keeping the Client Happy; Keeping the Client; Business & Individual Policies; Commission at Policy Inception; Residuals at Policy Renewal; Upselling/Cross Selling products; Referrals; focusing in areas & compliancy of your license

INSURANCE AGENCIES Your Main Concerns: Business & Personal/Individual Policies; Keeping the Client Happy, Keeping the Client; Commission at Policy inception; Residuals at Policy Renewal, Agents Upselling/Cross Selling Products; Referrals; Paying Commissions; Support Staff Cost Burden; Focusing in the Diverse Areas of: General Lines, Health & Life, Prepaid legal, Dental, Vision, AFLAC, Long & Short Term Disability, Retirement Options, and/or stock/mutual offerings, ACA Compliant

ME My Main Concerns: Business Only; Giving the Client the Best Price Possible; Keeping the Client Happy; Keeping the Client; Residuals; diverse Product Offering; Referrals; Focusing all in areas of Payroll & Workers Compensation Insurance, Human Resources, with options on a Wide Array of Ancillary Products of Dental, Vision, Life, EAP, Long & Short Term Disability, Allstate Products, 401K, Christmas Club and/or a Group Health Insurance; ACA Compliant

“WHAT ???? WHY IN THE WORLD SHOULD WE WORK TOGETHER ? So far, Denise, you have just pointed out that we have a lot of the same goals & same products …. Sounds more like ‘Competition’, than anything else.”

You noticed that we have a lot of the same Concerns & Focus! You noticed we have a lot of the same product offerings! Here’s a secret: I get paid on Payroll and Workers Compensation Only. I have NO financial stake or gain in where the client obtains his General Liability, Equipment Liability, Garage Insurance, Errors & Omissions Insurance, Home Owners Insurance, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Dental, Life, 401K, etc.

We Do Have Something Else In Common . . . Our Stake in the Client/Insured: Client Happiness/Satisfaction = Client Retention = Continued Residual

“WHAT ???? WHY IN THE WORLD SHOULD WE WORK TOGETHER ? A Larger Residual paid to you. You keep all other coverages, refer me the W/C Insurance. I am able to provide a Lower Mod, Higher Policy Limits with an A Rated Carrier, No Down Payments, No Claims Processing Fees. In return, your commission is higher than what you would receive on that policy.

Do the Math: Take a business with 12 employees. Average Wage p/employee: 32,000 The workers compensation “mix” premium between field, office, & sales: 4.36% . Calculate the commission on the policy, then Agency & Agent Commission. Increase your commission (agent or agency) by 35% – 45% when partnering with me.

To reiterate, by referring Only the Workers Compensation Portion to me …. There is a gain of approximately 40% of that portion per each business; A Monthly (not Annual) residual payment; you have another member keeping your insured happy; my company does all the administration & support (underwriting, certs, claims, renewals, questions for w/c). You would also get my referrals for General Liability & other insurance inquiries.

“WHAT ???? WHY IN THE WORLD AREN’T WE WORKING TOGETHER ?” Call me today to discuss further a “partnership relationship”. Denise Perchall 239.980.1065

Denise Perchall works for a Top-Ten Leading PEO in the nation that specializes with Non-Profit Organizations & For-Profit Businesses that have five+ employees and/or multiple locations. For 15 years, Denise Perchall has been able to provide a Cost Savings in one and more areas of: Payroll Administration; Workers Compensation Premiums & Administration; Unemployment Tax Expense; Unemployment Administration; Health Insurance Premiums; W-2 Processing; ACA Compliance & Forms; 401K Administration Costs and Filings; Group Supplemental Benefits; HR Counseling, Advice, & Compliance; and MORE …. while STILL bringing more ROI to the table. Quotes are Free/Cost Comparisons are free. Please contact Denise Perchall at: 239.980.1065 and remember to #BuyFromDenisePerchall PayrollandInsurance@yahoo.com

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