Army vet inventor enlists backers of an innovative solution to an age-old problem

Gym workouts, hiking, yardwork and all sorts of physical activity bring plenty of sweat, but Gulf War veteran Keith Basik’s new invention can make the distraction and irritation it causes a thing of the past. FlipTowel provides an innovative solution to an age-old problem, and with an upcoming crowdfunding campaign, early adopters can enjoy physical activity with greater ease, share the experience with grateful friends and bring a long-awaited solution from prototype to market.

Basik developed and redeveloped FlipTowel based on his own experience as a runner and workout enthusiast. Hidden within a wrist sweatband similar to those worn by many runners and tennis players, the machine-washable microfiber towel is quickly unfolded and secured with a loop over the fingers so users can effortlessly wipe sweat from the neck, arms, forehead or anywhere it shows up without having to pause their activity. When not in use, the super-absorbent FlipTowel easily returns to the wrist area with the aid of lightweight, strategically placed magnets. Hygienic and unobtrusive, FlipTowel means the ends of sweat stinging your eyes, hanging your towel on workout equipment or trekking to the gym lost-and-found.

Visitors to will discover an informational video on this simple product, along with details on a Kickstarter campaign to begin Oct. 18. A limited run of only 2,500 prototype samples will be manufactured for a December delivery date, but you can still pre-order and be a part of the first major production run in March of 2017, which will significantly help inventor Keith Basik’s campaign. Kickstarter backers will enjoy exclusive previews of various product bundles, including two sizes and four colors of the FlipTowel, a limited-edition U.S. Army insignia FlipTowel, T-shirts and more. Backers will also get the opportunity to provide research and development feedback to Basik.

Born in Chicago, Basik grew up on Marco Island, Florida, and then attended West Point Academy, where he played football and graduated as 2nd Lieutenant. As an Army Ranger and Bradley Fighting Vehicle Commander, he served in the Gulf War with the 1st Cavalry Division. Upon leaving the service, Basik became a mortgage brokerage CEO and real estate developer.

Basik is also an avid runner. It was during a race on a very hot day that the FlipTowel concept was born. Four years and countless design changes later, Basik is ready to introduce the product to consumers who like to discover great new products ahead of the general public and get a “kick” out of helping someone launch something cool, knowing how difficult it is.  The Kickstarter campaign goal is $15,000, and a patent is pending. Basik has worked with students from both the University of Florida and Florida Gulf Coast University on this product.

Basik said, “In a world of high-tech gadgets, there’s a consumer marketplace eager for simple design that solves everyday problems. I created FlipTowel because I wanted to enjoy my workouts and runs more. Everyone sweats, but we don’t have to be resigned to discomfort or carrying a bulky towel around or using our hands or T-shirts. I want to share this product because I love it.”

Inventor Keith Basik has created KBR Ventures LLC in Naples, Florida to introduce its first product, FlipTowel. The FlipTowel is a micro-fiber towel discretely folded within a wrist sweatband that can be deployed for quick use and returned within seconds utilizing a unique magnet-fastener design. FlipTowel can be used for any activity that involves sweating like hiking, tennis, running, yoga, yard work or family excursions to the zoo during summer. A patent is pending on the super-absorbent FlipTowel, which is machine-washable and currently available to backers of a crowdfunding campaign starting Oct. 18, 2016 at
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