Beautiful Health’s Second FREE Health Talk set for Dec. 10

Beautiful Health will be offering their second health talk on Thursday, December 10 at 4pm via Zoom. “How stress is killing your digestive system especially during the holidays?” is part of a series of three free online sessions offered by Caroline Thonon, certified health coach and owner of Beautiful Health.
Thonon wants to offer sessions that concern people who are health conscious. Her first series of sessions include information about products used on the skin, reading labels to be aware of harmful chemicals, reducing stress, eating habits, and making changes for better health. Thonon is hoping to help educate others about good health and habits that lead to a happier and healthier life. The first session was held in November and covered information of where toxins are hiding in our products.
Upcoming sessions include:
How stress is killing your digestive system especially during the holidays? December 10, 4 pm – In this session, participants will learn simple tips on how to reduce stomach issues due to stress through eating habits and simple techniques that can reduce related health issues. Participants will learn what they can easily change in the way they eat and how it will dramatically improve digestion. Discussion will include the “perfect” diet which is 50 % what you eat and 50 % HOW you eat which are life changing habits.
3 Proven ways to get rid of belly fat. January 21, 4 pm – In this session, participants will walk away knowing why stubborn belly fat is so hard to get rid of and what to do about it. Three proven tips that will aid in reducing belly fat will be discussed plus how to slim down the waistline. Participants will learn the truth about the “sugar roller coaster” and why belly fat is so stubborn – how it works and what can be done about it.
To register for one or more of these sessions, please email Caroline Thonon at; a confirmation email with event link will be sent. Sessions will be 30 minutes in length and offer a question and answer period.
The mission and concept for Beautiful Health is to offer all natural and toxic-free products and services. The shop offers a wide variety of all-natural products from all-natural sunscreens, make up, cleansers, lotions, soaps and more to spa services with a wide selection of massages, facials, and skin treatments. Spa treatments being offered at Beautiful Health include (but are not limited to) facials, dermaplaning, micro-needling, massages, body works, craniosacral therapy, cupping, and healing frequency treatments, as well as other related beauty and health treatments. Beautiful Health is a Blue Zones Project® Southwest Florida recognized business dedicated to healthy and happier living.
Besides offering all-natural products for skincare, beauty and several home cleaning products, Beautiful Health also conducts health classes and workshops. The all-natural wellness concept shop located at 4947 Tamiami Trail North., Suite 105 in the Liberty Plaza of Naples. Individuals may book a spa services such as massages or facials online or by calling directly. For more information, call 239-241 5111 or please visit
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