Emmanuel Academies offering college scholarships for Fall 2021

Emmanuel Academies, a local non-profit organization, is offering college scholarships for Fall 2021. Their new campaign, Raising Up Leaders for Tomorrow, was launched in January and is dedicated to helping students receive a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree for a fraction of the normal cost or at no cost at all through their unique scholarship program.
Emmanuel Academies’ mission is to equip pastors for Christian service within all communities, leveraging opportunities for theological and spiritual formation, leadership development, and vocational training as they earn accredited degrees. The programs are available for all Christian denominations.
Students may earn a Bachelor’s Degrees in Ministry or Christian Thought & Practice, and a BA in Global Leadership offered in Spanish. The five-year program offers a combined BA and Master of Divinity. There is also a Master of Divinity program for adult learners. All programs include faith specific academic mentors and professors, and are customized for all Christian faiths from accredited academic partners Palm Beach Atlantic University, Sioux Falls Seminary, and Kairos University.
According to Howard Isaacson, Chief Executive Officer of Emmanuel Academies, students can obtain a degree and graduate with no debt because Emmanuel Academies partners with generous angel donors. These donors fund the education of students seeking a higher education and degree in Christian Leadership or Ministry. The other major factor in the program’s cost is that Emmanuel Academies has created partnerships with accredited universities to significantly cut the cost of degree programs for the students.

Scholarship applications are available on the Emmanuel Academy website www.emmanueled.org/admissions or by calling or emailing Beatrice (BB) D’Angelo, Operations Coordinator, at Beatrice@EmmanuelCommunities.org or 508-6CALLED (508-622-5533).
Emmanuel Academies is funded by donations and supporters who recognize the importance of equipping the next generation of pastoral leaders in our communities of faith. To support this vital and rapidly growing ministry, please go to http://bit.ly/SupportEmmanuel.


This article was submitted by a Guest Author of the Above Board Chamber.