HOPE Clubhouse grows community with Permablitz

Permablitz is coming to Hope Clubhouse of Southwest Florida on Sunday, March 20 from 9:30 – noon, representing a collaborative community effort to create a sustainable, edible landscape that will provide nutrition, wellness and an enhanced sense of purpose to Clubhouse members. Hope Clubhouse, located at 3602 Broadway in Fort Myers, is a community of support for people living with mental illness, and the new Garden of Hope will be a living symbol of collaboration and the supportive character of the Southwest Florida community.
Permablitz will bring a flurry of activity as the Southwest Florida Permaculture Guild, led by organizer Alex Nikesch, descends on Hope Clubhouse with edible plants, fruit trees and 20 volunteers plus Clubhouse members at the ready. Other community organizations united for this project include ECHO Global Farms, which helped to design an architectural landscaping plan, and the Edison & Ford Winter Estates, which provided some of the materials needed.
The Garden of Hope is designed based on the principles of permaculture, which are modeled on the example of self-sustaining ecosystems found in nature. The edible gardens will provide beauty and a peaceful space for healing and recovery, while enhancing the organization’s overall wellness plan. Hope members will take pride in the upkeep of the garden, and harvest its yields for processing and use in healthy, creative recipes by the Clubhouse’s Culinary Unit.
James Wineinger, executive director of Hope Clubhouse of Southwest Florida, said, “Statistics show that those diagnosed with a mental illness often have poor nutrition and a drastically reduced lifespan. In staying with our Hope Clubhouse mission of creating a place where we can all work together, our new Garden of Hope will be maintained by members and encourage better eating habits and overall wellness.”

For more information about Hope Clubhouse of Southwest Florida, visit www.hopeclubhouse.org or contact Executive Director James Wineinger at jwineinger@hopeclubhouse.org or (239) 267-1777.
About Hope Clubhouse
Hope Clubhouse is a community of support for people living with mental illness in Southwest Florida. Hope Clubhouse offers opportunities for meaningful work, education, friendships and access to housing in a supportive, caring, dignified and respectful community setting. HOPE Clubhouse is a 501(c)3 organization located at 3602 Broadway Ave., Fort Myers, Florida 33901. Call (239) 267-1777 or visit www.hopeclubhouse.org to donate or for more information.

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