Madgig Networks expands WiFi architecture business to Southwest Florida

Madgig Networks, a network technology company based in Boca Raton has expanded to Southwest Florida. The 18 year old network engineering firm offers expert solutions to marinas, warehouses, construction sites, hotels, multi-building campuses, office buildings and other large commercial indoor and outdoor complexes for survey, design and support of reliable WiFi installations, wired and wireless network design and telecommunications using best of breed, business-grade equipment. Madgig Networks is a Ruckus, Aruba and Cisco Certified Wireless Solutions Partner. Joseph Voldeck, a Cisco certified senior engineer and owner of Madgig Networks said, “Southwest Florida has a number of technology service providers and installers but lacks sufficient talent to accurately design the network architecture to support wired and wireless communications for larger facilities.”

Madgig Networks partners with managed service providers (MSPs), architects and commercial construction companies to design secure, high speed WiFi networks and solve WiFi problems such as connectivity issues, slow bandwidth speed, lack of load balancing and redundancy and detection of rogue devices accessing the WiFi network. This includes wireless bridges for uninterrupted connectivity from building to building and ability to support users without slowing down. Also, Madgig Networks can decipher interference issues due to the saturation of other devices that operate at WiFi frequencies, such as wireless telephones, wireless cameras, cell tower interference, and too many wireless networks in one small area. “Just like a blueprint for a building, a WiFi installation requires a plan to ensure proper coverage, speed and security. Madgig Networks is partnering with construction and technology companies to fill this void,” Voldeck added.

Building managers or their MSPs can request a full audit of their wireless and wired network environment and determine the correct positioning of WiFi access points to guarantee optimal coverage. “Companies hire us to solve their problems,” Voldeck said. “We offer a specialized skill set in the tech arena so either companies seek us out to become an extension of their internal technology department or we are hired on an outsourced project basis. Not all WiFi is created equal and not all technology employees are as highly trained for this ever-changing technology.” Businesses can request a site survey and learn more at
This article was submitted by a Guest Author of the Above Board Chamber.