She Sings for Chocolate Provides Career and Communication Confidence for Singers and Speakers

Vocal arts studio celebrates 10 years in Southwest Florida

Now celebrating her 10th year in business in Southwest Florida, Pamela Linkhart, the President and Founder of She Sings for Chocolate, is pleased to announce the opening of her new vocal arts studio. Now located at 13550 Reflections Parkway in Fort Myers, She Sings for Chocolate has provided private voice instruction for singers and speakers since 2004.

To compete in today’s job market, professionals need more than education, experience and credentials. They also need to be able to market themselves effectively, present powerful presentations and communicate with confidence. Pamela Pyles Linkhart, a professional voice instructor with more than 40 years’ experience, offers vocal coaching that gets results for professionals across a wide spectrum of careers. At Linkhart’s vocal arts studio, She Sings for Chocolate, greater confidence in speaking is within reach of everyone.

A world-renowned soprano who has also enjoyed a career in television news broadcasting, Linkhart developed a love of music and a passion for clarity in self-expression early in life. Her mother was a concert violinist, and her father was an attorney and judge who worked hard all his life to overcome his stuttering. A former stutterer herself, Linkhart holds a degree in Speech Education and leverages the proven McClosky method of voice training, which promises “Enhancement of the Healthy Voice, Help for the Troubled Voice.”

“The moment you open your mouth to speak, you are being judged,” Linkhart stated. Her students have included attorneys, judges, television broadcasters, government officials, business executives and voice-over artists. Breath control, vocal placement, timing, phrasing, projection and diction are some basic concepts singers and non-singers alike can use to increase their confidence and career success.

Stage fright is an occupational hazard not only for performers, but anyone who has to make any kind of presentation. According to Linkhart, “The last thing you want to do is crack and sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Eliminating that hazard is a happy outcome of professional voice coaching. “Quicker than you think, your sound will match your credentials.”

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About She Sings for Chocolate
She Sings for Chocolate® vocal arts studio is “building today’s voices for tomorrow’s opportunities.” She Sings for Chocolate was founded in Southwest Florida in 2004 by world-renowned soprano and professional voice instructor Pamela Pyles Linkhart.

She Sings for Chocolate provides exceptional vocal instruction by conducting master classes, annual performances, and studio training for singers and speakers. Students learn the art of performing with professional pianists in front of live audiences as well as improving their music theory, ear training, diction, elocution, and overall communication skills. Other unique opportunities include competing in local and state competitions and receiving personal coaching for school-of-the-arts middle and high school and college entrance evaluations. The studio’s collegiate and talent affiliations add tremendous benefits to its students for future professional advancement.

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