Sunlight Home Appoints New CEO E.B. Yarnell

Sunlight Home, a distinguished residential maternity home recognized for providing a secure and nurturing family environment for expectant mothers and teenagers, is thrilled to introduce E.B. Yarnell as its newly appointed Chief Executive Officer.

In her role as CEO, E.B. will collaborate closely with the board of directors, spearheading the ongoing fulfillment of the organization’s core mission: A Christ-centered home that will teach mothers how to care for their babies and never be homeless again. By initiating the introduction of new resources, strategic relationships, and policies, E.B. will enhance the scope of impact offered by Sunlight Home and increase its ability to positively transform the lives of more women in need.
With over 13 years of valuable experience as an attorney, E.B. is no stranger to fighting for those in need of advocacy and fighting to uphold basic human rights. Driven by a profound sense of purpose and a diverse skill set, E.B. has transitioned her advocacy from the courtroom to Sunlight Home, where her extensive experience continues to impact others. Under her new role, she provides vital assistance to residents and addresses a wide range of challenges, from everyday tasks like securing employment and caring for their children to more complex endeavors involving medical records and contracts.
“I’ve always felt a calling to do more I finally found that calling at Sunlight Home,” said E.B. Yarnell, CEO. “The plans for growth and the changes I’m implementing to expand our impact are just the tip of the iceberg. This is just the start. There are so many more challenges and opportunities to come, and I love a challenge.”
Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of daily tasks and hurdles, E.B. has been fervently working to connect with other local organizations and educate the community on the work of the Sunlight Home in an attempt to reach the overall goal of providing the foundation for more local women and teens to get the education, support, and care they need to break the cycle of abuse and poverty.
“To see the resilience of these women is beautiful and hopeful,” E.B. said. “They show us that you can go through terrible, traumatizing circumstances and still accomplish anything you put your mind to.”

As a mother of four, the wife of a Naples-based attorney, and a natural advocate for the community, E.B. can be found spending quality time with her family or living out her passion for community involvement. She lives every day with the goal of instilling the importance of helping those in need within the hearts of her children and those around her.
About Sunlight Home – Sunlight Home was established to break the cycle of poverty and abuse for pregnant women and teens. We are a long-term residential maternity program that provides resources for pregnant, single moms. All funds for our operations are provided entirely by private donors and private grants. Our major goal is to protect the most vulnerable “at risk” children in crisis and empower the mothers to break the cycle of poverty and abuse. For more information, please visit
This article was submitted by a Guest Author of the Above Board Chamber.