Girl Friends Night Out at Trini for Love That Dress!

Trini In Private Bell Tower - Trini33907 - Fort Myers, FL

Bell Tower Shops- # 233, Fort Myers, Florida 33907

Ladies it’s time to start signing up for Girl Friends Night Out at Trini, which is a once a month event that helps us support one of our local non-profits. This month we are excited to promote and support

Love That Dress

So grab your bff and a preloved dress or two, and join us as we sip on delicious wine and enjoy yummy crackers & cheese, all while listening to some great music and fun activities with your friends. This is one of the last opportunities to donate dresses thisyear to PACE so let clean out those closets and donate them to “LOVE THAT DRESS!

If you want to book an appointment at Trini you will get 25% off ALL Services at Girl Friend Night Out by calling 239-628-1628. And if you would like to donate a silent auction prize to help us raise even more money for PACE, we would certainly appreciate it. We also want you to know that anyone who donates a silent auction item will be in a raffle to win a very special prize! (FYI: July’s prize was worth over $650 donated by Trini In Private Bell Tower and Image Matters and won by ABC Chamber member Darlene Ann Grossman, just by donating a silent auction prize!) Remember all money raised will go to PACE CENTER FOR GIRLS!

Don’t forget to call 239-628-1628 if you want a service or just bring a prize and let’s have a “Girl Friends Night Out!” oh yea don’t forget the dress! 🙂

Men are welcome to stop by and can certainly donate a silent auction gift to help us raise money for PACE Center of Girls!  For more information call 239-910-7426.