Blue Zones Project Helps People Dial Back their Years with RealAge Tool

American comedian, award-winning actor and best-selling writer, George Burns said it best. “ You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.” Burns, who lived and even worked to 100 years old, understood that the number of candles you blow out on your birthday does not determine how old you are. In fact, we have two ages: a chronological age, our age based on when we were born, and a biological age, which refers to how old our body really is and therefore, our “real” age.

In other words, you can be 70 years old but have the health of a 60-year-old. That’s right! You can turn back time, biologically speaking that is. While you have no control over the number of times your body takes a trip around the sun while you’re alive, the good news is you do have some control over how your body ages.

Depending on factors that include eating, stress, exercise and sleep habits, along with family history, behaviors, and existing conditions, your biological age will be higher or lower than your chronological one.

A lower biological age in comparison to your chronological age could be an indicator of lower risk of suffering age-related diseases so it’s worth the effort to make it happen.

Blue Zones Project SWFL recently launched the RealAge test to help others dial back their years. This 10-minute test is free and will get your RealAge result: an estimate of your body’s age based on more than 100 factors affecting your health,
happiness, and lifespan. You get a personalized health profile, easy-to-implement health tips, and a dashboard that shows your progress toward your health goals.

Users of the RealAge test also receive free access to the Sharecare App that includes additional well-being resources like relaxation and wellness videos, a financial health assessment tool, and the COVID-19 care center.

Take the RealAge test today by visiting
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