Why do organizations really need employee assessments?

In most organizations, personnel costs are among the largest budget line items, and given the top

challenges facing Managers, organizations need their leaders, managers, and people aligned and working together at the highest levels of performance.

Employee assessments can give organizations and managers consistent, in-depth, and objective information about their people. This includes the employee’s:

  • Fit with organizational culture, job, manager, and team
  • Knowledge, skills, job performance, and developmental needs
  • Preferred learning and communication style
  • Integrity, reliability and work ethic, and attitude towards substance abuse
  • Response to conflict, stress, and frustration, and likelihood of aggression

Information uncovered from assessments helps leaders and managers rely less on gut instinct and

make smarter people decisions. The specific benefits include:

  • •Selecting people most likely to succeed in a job
  • •Accelerating time for people to become fully productive in a new role
  • •Improving alignment and communication between managers and employees
  • •Reducing workforce conflict and improving employee satisfaction
  • •Maximizing each employee’s contribution to the organization
  • •Reducing employee absenteeism and turnover
  • •Reducing frequency and cost of theft
  • •Increasing sales performance and customer loyalty
  • •Enabling strategic workforce management and succession planning
  • •Increasing overall workforce capability, productivity, and agility

Think about the cost of your organization’s last few hires. Aside from salary and benefits, there’s the cost of advertising for the job, the investment in training, and the price of getting a new

worker up to speed. An organization wouldn’t spend $40,000, $50,000, or more on a piece of equipment without a careful understanding of what the equipment can do, a rigorous selection process, proper training, documentation, guarantees, and warrantees. Before you purchase equipment, you want to know how it works and whether it’s right for you. Before you operate that equipment, you’ll probably want to look at a user’s manual.Yet, every day we see businesses hire and deploy employees with little or no thought to helping managers understand how these employees work and whether they are a good fit. Organizations don’t seem to appreciate that employee assessments can serve as a valuable “user’s manual” for managers to get the most from their people. For this reason, we believe anyone who manages people or runs a business should know about the value of employee assessments.

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By: Jim Wallert

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