Avant Garde Aesthetics, Hypnocoach Amy Emme open in Imagine Wellness Spa

The boundaries that define a traditional spa are rapidly expanding. Such is the case in Cape Coral with the opening of Melanie Grinshteyn’s Avant Garde Aesthetics inside Imagine Wellness Spa along with the addition of Certified Hypnotist and Hypnocoach Amy Emme. Together with Avant Garde and Emme, the spa is able to bring a new level of wellness and care to its clientele.

“As our loyal clients’ overall wellness needs evolve, so must we,” Imagine Wellness Spa founder Carleen Murone said. “I am extremely pleased that these two certified professionals have chosen to open their businesses within Imagine Wellness Spa. The services they provide will truly enhance the total wellness experience at our spa.”

Grinshteyn is a board certified nurse practitioner who specializes in providing services including botox, dermal fillers and high-dose vitamin IV therapy. IV nutrient hydration is a safe and rapid way of delivering electrolytes, vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. It flushes away toxins, enhances energy, improves overall mood and boosts immunity.

“Since nutrients are delivered intravenously, they do not have to go through your digestive tract before being absorbed and then metabolized,” Grinshteyn said. “This results in a quicker and more efficient way of loading up on nutrients.

“IV hydration can prevent and limit the duration of illnesses by delivering mass amounts of vitamins and nutrients. The thresholds of vitamins delivered intravenously simply cannot be obtained by food or oral supplementation.”

Grinshteyn is a strong proponent of preventative and anti-aging medicine and provides mobile services.

Emme’s approach to wellness focuses on removing the mental barriers that stand between people and financial success, healthy relationships, weight loss, smoking cessation, and whatever it is they want to achieve.

Emme’s therapies help people act out of inspiration instead of desperation and develop a clear picture of how to get where they’re going. Hypnosis and hypnocoaching momentarily stop the brain, the same way a defibrillator stops and restarts a heart, she said.

“It’s called a pattern interrupt,” Emme said. “We have to interrupt the mental pattern that’s keeping you from being your best.”

Throughout her distinguished career, she’s worked with top executives, professional athletes and Olympians to help them develop and maintain the mental toughness they need to achieve peak performance.

“When you’re mentally tough, it’s game on. You’re unstoppable,” Emme said. “I want people to have every tool in their toolbox to be the best version of themselves.”

Her therapies take place within a soothing, confidential environment and encourage clients to ask questions that challenge their own assumptions about themselves.

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions,” Emme said. “When you have clarity, everything is happening for you, not to you.”

The public is invited to meet Grinshteyn, Emme and the staff at Imagine Wellness Spa for an open house and happy hour from noon-6 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 9 at the spa on 1404 Del Prado Blvd., Suite 100.

Spa membership and discount information is available at imaginebycarleen.com along with full bios of Emme and Grinshteyn.

This article was submitted by a Guest Author of the Above Board Chamber.