Brad Congress Featured in National Publication as Diamond Expert

Brad Congress, co-owner of Bradley’s Jewelers in Fort Myers, is quoted as an industry expert in the July/August issue of the national publication, Mental Floss. Congress serves as an expert resource in the article, “Do You Know What This Is? Is a diamond still a diamond if you can make it in a space-age oven? Inside one company’s mission to find out.” Congress was interviewed about synthetic diamonds being manufactured by a company in California; about their intrinsic value and how they affect the diamond market.

Brad Congress GG, is a third generation jeweler and industry respected consumer advocate. In the article, he discusses deceptive language in advertising and his work with the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, the industry’s compliance arm.

Congress also discusses Diamonditis®, a term he and his wife Colbi coined to describe owning a diamond with inaccurate documentation. They created the term to accurately depict the complex arena within the diamond industry which includes diamond grading practices as well as synthetics and undisclosed treatments. They use this term to encompass all types of diamond misrepresentation: overstating color, clarity; ignoring fluorescence; failing to report fracture filling or HPHT enhancement; and not disclosing synthetics. The cost of this deception to the diamond industry is incalculable.

In the article, Brad Congress explains his concern with synthetics as mainly an economic and ethical one. Synthetic or man-made diamonds do not hold their value. As an environmentalist Congress is also sensitive to ethically sourced diamonds. He prefers a recycled approach to the problem by offering estate or antique diamonds as an alternative to lab grown or synthetic.

Bradley’s Jewelers is one of a handful of jewelers in America to stand up for consumer rights. The Congresses are dedicated to educating and protecting the public. At Bradley’s Jewelers, Brad and Colbi Congress have the expertise necessary to accurately grade diamonds and educate their clients, as well as the instruments and training needed to identify if a diamond is natural, lab grown or has undisclosed treatments.

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About Bradley’s Jewelers
Brad Congress GG, is a third generation jeweler and industry respected consumer advocate. He and his wife Colbi opened Bradley’s Jewelers in 2003 just off Sanibel Island, then expanded in 2007 to the Park Shops at Andrea Lane in Fort Myers. Bradley’s Jewelers offers a timeless selection of beautiful, wearable jewelry at fair prices in an ambience that is inviting and engaging. Brad and Colbi are dedicated to making each purchase a memorable one, reminiscent of days gone by, when spending time with your jeweler was a special occasion. They offer their guests the best of themselves and their expertise with personalized service.

Bradley’s Jewelers is located at 14261 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 3 in Fort Myers, Florida. More information can be found at by calling 239-337-2723.
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