Heavy truck registration renewal changing

Renewing your truck in Florida is about to get easier. On September 1, Florida House Bill 87 took effect, changing the renewal date for all trucks weighing between 5,000 and 7,999 lbs. from December of each year to the birth month of the vehicle’s registered owner.

Prior to the bill’s passage, all heavy truck owners had to wait to renew their vehicles at the end of the year. By moving heavy truck renewals to the birth month of the owner, renewing heavy truck registration will be faster and easier.

“It just makes sense to move heavy truck renewal in line with other passenger vehicles,” said Larry Hart, Lee County Tax Collector and heavy truck owner. “Moving truck registration to the owner’s birth month offers more flexibility and, in light of COVID-19, allows us to maintain CDC guidelines in our service centers while still providing the highest standard of customer service.”

Customers should visit http://www.leetc.com/heavy/truck for information on how this update will affect them and for examples of how their renewal this December will change. It should be noted that House Bill 87 does not apply to heavy trucks used for business; the renewal date for commercial trucks will remain December of each year.

This article was submitted by a Guest Author of the Above Board Chamber.