3D Interspace Solutions Provides State-Of-The-Art Technology Services to Real Estate Community

Local company first in region to specialize in providing Matterport® technology

3D Interspace Solutions, LLC, offers a revolutionary new technology that is transforming the real estate industry in Southwest Florida. The Fort Myers based company is the first to specialize as a 3D Showcase provider. Its business is solely focused on offering the Matterport® 3D scanning technology that is changing the way buyers and sellers experience real estate online, and provides exposure to more brokers, agents, and builders alike in an effort to increase sales. Only a year old, 3D Interspace Solutions is making a significant impact in the local real estate market with requests for services growing exponentially. Revenue is up 500 percent from this time last year.

Business partners Bryce Clerk and Sean Radigan are revolutionizing how spaces are communicated online. 3D Interspace Solutions offers realistic state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology services that are superior to traditional photo and online tour options that are the standard in the industry. This real 3D technology is the most immersive way to experience a physical location online. The company provides an affordable, interactive, 3D experience for potential customers of residential and commercial realtors, and developers in Southwest Florida. The 3D virtual tours, or showcases of properties, allow prospective clients to easily access the properties as if they were visiting them in person, having the freedom to explore at their leisure from the comfort of their computer, tablet, and smartphone.

The technology offered by 3D Interspace Solutions allows potential home buyers the ability to walk through the floor plan as if they were there, switch to an interactive floor plan view for a traditional top-down perspective, and the opportunity to zoom out to view the whole property at once in the doll-house view. It is a unique tool for real estate agents to use to conduct an open house at the convenience of the client and from the comfort of their own home or wherever they choose to access the technology–at the agent’s office, the local coffee shop, poolside, or elsewhere.

Radigan explains, “The showcases we provide are unlike anything else on the market and will become the standard in a few years. Having the ability to walk your clients through a home from your laptop, tablet, or cellphone is a game changer.”

The process begins with the 360 degree scanning of the property from a number of predetermined vantage points with the Matterport® Pro Camera. Using the company’s advanced vision algorithms and powerful cloud computing, the data is then knitted and assembled into a complete 3D picture ready for viewing.

3D Interspace Solutions fulfills a unique need in the marketplace for three reasons. First, the company saves agents time not having to arrange unnecessary showings. Often, buyers show up to a house because they liked the photos, but automatically disqualify the home because they don’t like the layout. With 3D Interspace Solution’s capabilities, agents could send potential buyers a Matterport® Virtual Tour to preview the home and gauge their interest before committing to an appointment.

Second, 3D Interspace Solutions saves agents time not having to clean, prepare and wait at an open house every weekend until the house is sold. Agents could filter serious buyers from around the world with an online, 24/7 open house that is always clean and shows beautifully.

Third, 3D Interspace Solutions has the expertise in-house to create the best virtual tours available as quickly and efficiently as possible, and with little inconvenience to agents and homeowners. Clerk and Radigan know the science behind the 3D technology that must be understood when capturing a property in 3D. An unskilled technician could mean the difference between two hours and five hours in properly documenting the property. An agent wants the process to take as little time as possible while still achieving the best results for marketing.

With their technical experience, first mover advantage, and significant market presence, Clerk and Radigan are the most experienced and skilled to perform this service for builders and agents in Southwest Florida, while remaining price competitive with traditional photograph/360 panoramic services. Their early entry to market advantage is evidenced by realtors commonly associating the Matterport® virtual tours with the founders and their company, 3D Interspace Solutions.

Explained Clerk, “Our goal is for 3D Interspace Solutions to remain the household name in real estate associated with this technology. The industry knows we are the go-to guys in the area to produce the most high-tech virtual tours available.” This technology will logically become the modern way of viewing property online.

Clerk’s engineering background allowed him to recognize the timeliness and applicability of the cutting edge 3D technology to the real estate industry. His education and training gave him the intuitive understanding of how this process could benefit real estate agents, builders and others in Southwest Florida. From discussions with long-time friend Radigan about the application of the scanning technology that Clerk was using on an industrial scale in his career, the friends realized they could revolutionize the real estate industry with this advanced technology. Industrial scanners were cost prohibitive, but Clerk moved forward with purchasing technology designed for the real estate industry after meeting the CEO of Matterport at a technology conference in San Francisco shortly after that. Clerk and Radigan established their business in Southwest Florida upon his return.

Clerk understood he would need help with the complex network of realtors and businesses that serve them. He called upon Radigan who was working as a realtor associate with his family’s Royal Shell Real Estate business on Sanibel. As an experienced real estate professional, Radigan understood the need for agents to find a way to set themselves apart in order to be a successful.

“This can be done through personal branding, client services, and virtual tours. Just about everyone uses a professional photographer, drone pilot, or web guru to help market their new listing. While high quality photos will never be completely replaced, they struggle to accurately convey the layout of a property,” said Radigan.

3D Interspace Solution has performed 3D scans in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Estero/Bonita, Naples, Sanibel, and Captiva, and has offers from other locations around the state. They are currently under contract with a large scale property owner to scan over one hundred rental units.

About 3D Interspace Solutions
3D Interspace Solutions provides immersive Matterport® 3D Virtual Tours for the real estate industry and others in Southwest Florida. The Fort Myers based company was founded by Bryce Clerk and Sean Radigan. It is the go-to company for 3D virtual tours in Southwest Florida. Our company is positioned as completely distinct from and an advancement beyond traditional photography and virtual tour service providers. 3d Interspace Solutions is a member of the Matterport Service Partner Network.

Clerk graduated from Purdue University in 2010 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He currently serves as full time Director of Engineering with a company that provides 3D services to industrial companies. Early in his career he was able to prove for large design projects within his industry that 3D laser scanning was a superior method, in both reliability and accuracy, for capturing data over the traditional practice of using a tape measure, pencil, and paper. He figured out how to recreate existing buildings in 3D CAD software from laser scanning data and design new machinery around this information from the comfort of his own computer in Fort Myers.

Radigan is a Sanibel Island native who returned to Southwest Florida after college to work in his family’s real estate business at Royal Shell Real Estate. Being a part of the local community for nearly three decades and an agent with one of the best brokerages in the region provided him with the connections necessary to help get 3D Interspace Solutions off the ground.

This article was submitted by a Guest Author of the Above Board Chamber.