AXI International Launches Duplex Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump Sets

Wessel van Tonder, CEO of AXI International, is pleased to announce that in advance of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season, the company has launched a new line of fully automated duplex diesel transfer pump sets. With AXI’s redundant fuel transfer capability, plant managers will appreciate ease of use and peace of mind in safeguarding mission-critical operations when backup generator power is needed. Many innovative features are built into the technology, making it an ideal choice for emergency management facilities, water treatment plants, hospitals and correctional facilities. Data centers held to strict compliance standards for PCI/DSS and HIPAA will deem these pump sets indispensible to their operations.

By definition, a duplex pump set provides redundant transfer capability from the large fuel storage tank(s) to the day or service tank(s) of the generators. Also, by definition, anything less than 100-percent uptime is not an option for mission-critical operations. Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1, and Fort Myers, Florida-based AXI is uniquely positioned to assist plant managers in crafting and implementing a preparedness and maintenance plan to assure operations continue at peak performance even in the event of extreme weather conditions and an ensuing interruption of normal power service.

“At AXI, our goal is to provide peace of mind for mission-critical facility operators, van Tonder said. “Our research and development is constantly enhanced by the conversations we have with our customers, and we take pride in anticipating their needs.”

The design of AXI’s new transfer pump sets is revolutionary for many reasons. It is extremely compact and fully automated. Two self-priming progressive-cavity screw pumps provide redundant fuel transfer capability. The system’s electronic controls are programmed to operate the pumps on an alternating basis to reduce pump wear while providing redundant fuel transfer capability. Digital connectivity is included, with an optional module featuring a built-in Web server, enabling users to remotely view pump on/off status, fuel transfer flow restrictions and alarm status.

Operators have an excellent opportunity to evaluate their facility’s preparedness before the 2014 hurricane season begins. To speak with an expert in your local area, visit or call 1-877-425-4239.

About AXI
AXI is the leader in Fuel Maintenance and Optimization Systems. Founded in 1995 with the development of the patented ALGAE-X® Inline Fuel Conditioner, AXI has expanded its offering to include Fuel Polishing Systems, Mobile Tank Cleaning and Fuel Restoration Systems, Fuel Treatment Additives and Sampling and Testing equipment. AXI’s Fuel Maintenance and Optimization Systems restore and optimize fuel quality and are Green Clean Institute Certified. AXI’s commitment to customer service and superior engineering has propelled the company to a worldwide leadership position with operations in over 70 countries. AXI Fuel Maintenance Systems are available through factory-trained resellers and representatives, major engine distributors, marine equipment distributors, and fuel storage tank manufacturers, petroleum equipment suppliers. Additional information available at
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