SRMA schedules machine intelligence webinar and plant tour for February

As companies try to do more with less during the labor shortage, production efficiency is the key to success. This month, the Southwest Regional Manufacturers Association (SRMA) will host a free webinar from 8-9 a.m. on Feb. 22, introducing ways in which manufacturers can leverage machine intelligence in their manufacturing facility with labor at a minimum.

Many manufacturers do not know if they are maximizing returns on their equipment, the utilization rate of machinery, or how much additional capacity there is to gain on each machine. The speakers will present an informative and educational webinar, on how you can leverage Machine Intelligence in your manufacturing facility. No matter what software you are currently using to run your facility, you’ll benefit from attending. Using software to capture data is the differentiator between guessing the answers and knowing the facts so you can make informed decisions that advance towards improvements and produce a better return on investment of company time, money and other resources.

Consultants from ECI Software and Alora Software by Data Inventions will present the information manufacturers need to see the ROI they are looking for in their business.

To register for the February 22 event , or to see a full calendar of events, including the SRMA’s Plant Tour at Valentine Glass & Metal in Ft. Myers on February 23, visit
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